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the intro & source for most of the buzzy bits is technically 'starwars trap' by flavours. you can google that yourself, i don't really want to link to it from here.

however i will totally link you to the source for this particular dialup tone sample which is hot sugar's 56k featuring
heems —

so the ktru studio has this fun setup where basically you get to feed the signal into itself on a delay. one delay was pretty short (<1s for sure) and the other was i believe exactly 9 seconds if you hadn't used the delay dump button yet. anyway the short delay feeding into itself is what made it all buzzy, something about comb filter resonance. the long delay allowed me to me continuously feed in more chaotic sounds into the loop.

later on in this set i mixed a drone cover of adele with a recording of a mitral valve prolapse heartbeat. i guess that clip didn't make the cut for this album ?


from Radio Mixups 2012​-​2013, released July 4, 2017
ross on the comb filter resonance explanation




d͢av͠er̢s̀ Houston, Texas

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